Monday, 13 June 2011

Musical Musings 01

Joel and I have been messing around with some early ideas for the score. What's interesting is Joel has seen nothing of the film. He is very fluent in the story and our intentions, but has not seen any rushes or the first assembly. We thought it would be cool to start messing around with ideas with a wider vantage point, really think about what we want the music to do, as apposed to just finding what music best suits the pictures. We've been having a crack at the Lynch/Badalamenti style of Joel improvising over my wanky meandering monologues that tried to create a mood.

We have been listening to quite a bit of Badalamenti - from Twin Peaks to Lost Highway to Blue Velvet to The Secretary - along with some Clint Mansell, particularly music from Moon, The Fountain and Black Swan. We are endeavouring to find a strange and kind of uncomfortable union of Mansell's simple, effortless elegance and Badalamenti's over-stylised fusion between distorted jazz and haunting synths.

We're also constantly finding tit-bits and fragments of ideas on youtube clips. I'll try to keep putting some of the better ones up here. Here's one from Punch Drunk Love. I like this one because Joel was messing about with some drums for the living room scenes and as we worked at it, it reminded me of this scene which is in turn from a film that continues to influence my ideas. Skip in about 1:50 and enjoy how the chaos of the score alone is a perfect reflection of the mental chaos with which Barry is in constant combat.


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