Wednesday, 9 March 2011


So me and Stefan are very aware that you guys will be taking time off your busy lives to get this thing made and although we can’t pay people, we will of course cover travel expenses and anything you need to buy for the film. Whatever happens, that is a given.

However, we have recently decided that we have nothing to lose in trying to get a bit of funding for external sources. This is not really with the intention of engorging the scale of the project, but more in the hope that we don’t have to rinse our own savings. It is a bit of punt, but we think if we can avoid bankrupting ourselves more than we already are, we might as well give it a go.

This idea really came from the safe-sex “strap-up” message inherent in the story. We figured this is an idea that is worth spreading.

The primary reason for this project is to make a short film because, quite simply, we love making films. But if it can promote a good cause as well, then all the better! We are not going to be asking for crazy money and anything we get we will of course go straight into the film. It would cool to have a bit more money put towards equipment, lighting, production design, special effects and actors.

We also plan to set up an online donation button (worked really well on a previous project, and that one had no such noble cause). Maybe even hosting fund-raising events.

What would be really cool is that if you guys have any cool stuff to say about yourselves and experience, its something we can put in to strengthen the proposal. So any awards or big credits or anything cool film related you have done, send it my way. Ideally if HOD’s can do a short paragraph bio, that would be awesome. Just the sort of thing you would send along with a film to a festival.

So yeah, that’s the story behind funding. We will keep you updated. We are very aware that we don’t have a lot of time, and that this could come to nothing, but as we are not asking for a huge amount of cash and we’ve got a noble cause behind us, it’s worth a crack!

Let me know any ideas/suggestions you have for this!

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