Wednesday, 9 March 2011

What Is and Is Not in Place!

Ok so production stuff so far.

What We Have:

We now have a script that is pretty much locked.

We have dates - (shooting the weekend of 16th/17th/18th of April).

We have locations - my house for the majority of it. The Bar we have found the location and I am just sorting out permission - will update and upload pictures.

Camera/Lighting Equipment List - We will be shooting on a Cannon 7D and some stuff with a GoPro. See Stefan for more info.

We have a core crew: (with a few exceptions - hit me up with any suggestions)

What We Need:

A Cast! I was originally going to work with non-actors (friends etc) but with the nature of the script as it is now (ie. the amount of sex in it) has inclined me to get more experienced actors. If after reading the script, you have any recommendations, send them my way.

Some crew! We’re still looking for someone to take care of in camera effects (gore/prosthetics). Also someone to do hair and make-up. As you can see, it is a bit of a bloke-heavy crew and I would like to get some females involved, especially as we’re shooting sex scenes. So if you know anyone who you vouch for and is available, please put us in touch. We also don’t have a continuity position filled. This is something we are still yet to decide on as we don’t have a huge amount of room in the house and we don’t to over-crowd it.

Script breakdown’s from each department. If when you read through the script, you note down things you think we are going to need to source or sort out and make a list. If you could send that our way, we can factor it into our planning.

A shot list. Me and Stefan are working on this and plan to have it down by the weekend.

A Test Shoot. Once we have done the shot-list we plan to do a test shoot of as much of the whole film as possible to test the cut/blocking. We will also be doing camera/vfx tests at the same time.

A schedule. This myself and Quentin will compile once we have done the test shoot. It won’t be broken down into individual shots, but we will allot time to complete the scenes as a whole. As far as I am aware, we are planning to do the house stuff on the Saturday and Sunday and the bar/street stuff on the Monday afternoon/night.

A crew meeting! This blog is hopefully going to make up for the distance between most of the crew. But it would be cool to have a crew meeting closer to the shoot. I am thinking once we have a cut of the test shoot, we can all meet up to watch it and discuss what we need to do come the real shoot.

If you guys and feedback your breakdowns over the next week or so, that would be really useful!

Cheers very much

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