Sunday, 13 March 2011


Some ideas I've had for the music on a couple of scenes. Other than these, haven't got much else as I am yet to have a chin-wag with Joel.


Opening Montage:

Nine Inch Nail’s track “Underneath It All” covered by the Scala and Kolacny. I very much doubt I will be able to get permission for this but I’d like something along these lines. I want something really simple but haunting and utterly contrapuntal to both what we see in the montage and what we hear in Lily’s VO.

Stan’s transformation:

Grinderman track “When My Baby Comes” for when Lily and Stan have sex and Stan begins to change. I am going to try to get permission to use this. I love the build-up and how it takes so long. Furthermore, I think the break would be perfect for when Stan is finally consumed by blood-lust. I know someone who is very close to Nick Cave, so I’m going to try call in a massive favor with him. Fingers crossed!

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