Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Following on from Stefan’s post, we’ve had yet another overhaul. Very sorry to keep doing this, its taken us a long old while to be wholly contented with the script. But we think we’re finally there!
So what’s new? Well the core elements of the script are the same. But we’ve simplified a lot of what was quite flabby in previous drafts. So now the story is very much focussed on Stan and his dilemma. We’ve cut down all the Dave and Sasha stuff and changed Lilith’s character (now Lily) to a much clearer contrast with Sasha. 
But I don’t want to get into too much detail in this post. Its best if you just give the new draft a read. There will be parts that seem familiar but I strongly encourage not skimming the bits you recognise as there are changes everywhere (eg the opening montage is pretty much the same, but Lily’s new voice-over changes it significantly).
The approach is the same as it always was - keeping it small (it’s arguably smaller now), shooting almost all of it in my house, small crew, over a couple of nights etc. Having fun cobbling together a little film is still very much at the heart of the project.  
That is not to say we’re not going to be well prepped - a huge amount of time and thought has gone into making sure everything we shoot is vital. Stefan (DOP) Chris (Editor) and myself have torn the script and shot-list to pieces over and over again to ensure that we are telling this story in the most efficient and engaging way. 
And we feel we’ve got to the point where we are content the story and our approach to it. So now we want to open it up to you guys. That is the main purpose of this blog. It is somewhere we can put our ideas, references, relevant information, production updates. But more importantly, it is a place everyone can input their ideas, concerns and suggestions.
I would really love for this blog to be a place where we can discuss the project over the next month and collect our ideas so that when it comes to shoot, everyone is on the same page on everything we are trying to do.
So please check in as often as you can! I will be emailing you the latest draft of the script along with log-in for the blog so you can all update it too!
Thanks guys!

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