Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Look of Hanging

Following a meeting with Chris this weekend, we discussed some ideas for the grade. Still need to discuss these with Stefan. Hit me back with any opinions/suggestions!

Look of the film:

Trailer for Red State. I love the grade on this and am looking for something similar for Hanging. I like the ever so slightly washed-out greens. We were originally going to go from orange to red on previous drafts. I still want to keep the red for the sex scenes and flashbacks (a la The American) but what I like about the look of Red State is it has a very real and visceral feel but isn’t quite the plain crispness of documentary or reportage. Its shot on Red and 7D’s but the grade takes it away from the standard look of digital as well as the rich softness of film in a way I feel would suit the mundane world of our story.

Romain Gavras first feature Notre Jour Viendra. Though the look of Red State is closer to what I am after, I still really love the look of this film. I haven’t seen the film yet but I love Gavras’ work and his ability to make everything he shoots seem so real. If you watch his music videos for Stress by Justice and Born Free by MIA, what is so shocking about the violence in these videos is that it genuinely feels like he is just shooting it happen for real.

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