Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sex Scene - Camerawork and Editing

The following scenes conveniently merge what I am looking for both in camerawork and editing.

This one from Sex and Lucia is, as ever, much more graphic than we will be going, but I really like how the quick cutting and constantly moving and swaying camerawork manages to not seem frenetic but keeps that playful urgency in the performance.

The next one from Sex and Lucia is really just a shot I liked. Again, ignore the nudity, but as an aerial shot for some writhing around on the bed, I like this as a reference.

The last one is from Lust, Caution. Although very quick, (the bit I'm referring to starts about 20 seconds into the clip) it gives a great representation of what I am going for. Though not as perfect as the scene from The Lover (see next post) it comes pretty damn close for very similar reasons.

Also, check out this one from The Last Seduction. This film is a huge reference point for Sasha's character, but re-watching it the other day I found this scene that is absolutely perfect for camera-work. Not so much in its editing, but composition, shot-choice and blocking, this is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for!

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